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The price categories of seats in the auditoriums vary depending on the night. Prices of individual tickets by production or by date are available through Productions and calendar page on each production page. The auditorium map with price categories and available seats for each performance can be found in the Lippupiste online shop.

The prices given on the FNO website and in the Lippupiste online shop include the Lippupiste service fee for performances. The Lippupiste service fee will be charged at all points of sale, including the Lippupiste online shop and the FNO box office. For information on concessions and service fees, click here .

Seating plan

Seat maps show the location of your seat in the main auditorium or Almi Hall. Visit our virtual auditorium to see what the view from each seat looks like.
Note that the guard rail limits the view from the seats at both ends of row 1 on the 2nd balcony and from all row 1 seats on the 3rd balcony.
The Swedish and English subtitles are only partly visible from the seats at the ends of row 19 in the stalls (seats 698-700 and 727-727).

Seating plan of the main stage

Seating plan of the Almi Hall

Lippupiste ticket agent - Customer service fees

Online sales at
Print-at-home tickets are subject to a service charge of EUR 1.50/ticket (for orders less than EUR 10), EUR 2.50/ticket (for orders less than EUR 40) and EUR 3.50/ticket (for orders exceeding EUR 40). Ticket prices includes these charges. There are two options for delivery: a printable ticket (PDF) that you can print out yourself service charge 1e/order, or traditional paper tickets that are delivered by mail to your address charge EUR 8,90-35 per order.

Sales at Lippupiste ticket outlets and R-kiosks:
Service charges for individual tickets (ticket prices includes these charges):
- Tickets under €9,99/ticket: €1.50/ticket
- Tickets between €10-€39,99/ticket: €2.50/ticket
- Tickets over €40 /ticket: €3.50/ticket

In addition to that, an extra charge of EUR 1 per ticket is collected in R-kiosks.

Service charges for season tickets:
€0/season ticket + €0.40/event
An example of a season ticket with, altogether, 8 performances:
Service charge 8 x €0.40, in total €3.20/season ticket.

Paper tickets sent by mail are subject to a delivery charge of EUR 10/order
for postal delivery in Finland, EUR 20/order in Europe and EUR 35/order
outside Europe.

Telephone sales: 0600-900 900
There is a phone charge of €1.98/minute + local network charge

Discount tickets Autumn 2015


Concessions apply to selected seats separately determined for each production and performance in the stalls and 1st and 2nd balconies unless otherwise indicated. Discounts are granted on the normal prices for performances in the main auditorium on a case-by-case basis and do not apply to premieres or guest performances. Discounts do not apply to the service fee included in the ticket price (EUR 1.50-3.50); the discount percentage is applied to the portion of the ticket price excluding the service fee. Right to changes reserved.

Group discounts: Available Mon to Thu, EUR 5 per person for groups of 10 to 29 and EUR 10 per person for groups of 30 or more. Group tickets for Phantom of the Opera have different terms and conditions of sale.

Youth discount: 50% for customers under 20. See also same-day tickets.

Students, conscripts and non-military servicemen: Discount 40% on the ticket price. Discount valid from Mon to Thu and for selected weekend performances. See also same-day tickets.

Pensioner discount: EUR 10 per ticket, selected seats in the stalls and 1st balcony. See also same-day tickets.

Same-day tickets for customers under 20, students, conscripts, non-military servicemen, pensioners and unemployed: EUR 15, selected seats in the stalls and 2nd balcony (immediate purchase only, does not apply to returns, subject to availability). This concession is only granted in person; the person making the purchase must present proof of qualifying for the discount when purchasing the ticket and when attending the performance. Not available online or at R kiosks.

Tour operator discount: 10% on normal-price tickets granted to tour operators in charge of a tour group of 10 or more.

Purchased tickets will not be exchanged or refunded. See our new Flexi-Ticket, which can be exchanged for another up to one week before the performance.

Flexi-Ticket: A surcharge of EUR 10 per ticket entitles you to exchange the ticket for one of the same or higher price for another performance (of the same production or a different one) subject to availability. The ticket must be exchanged no later than one week before the performance. If exchanging for a more expensive ticket, you must pay the difference in price. The Flexi-Ticket feature can be added to regular tickets, youth tickets, student tickets and pensioner tickets. The surcharge is not charged unless the ticket is exchanged. Previously paid service fees will not be refunded.

In case of a change of programme or of a performance being cancelled due to force majeure, ticket holders will be refunded the price of the ticket within one month of the change or cancellation. Service and delivery fees will not be refunded. The FNO shall not be liable for any other costs.

Discount ticket sale

At the moment, normal-price tickets, tickets for schoolchildren and student tickets are available at the Lippupiste online shop.

Other discount tickets are available at the FNO box office and at Lippupiste sales points. Any card (or other certificate) entitling to a discount must be displayed on request when attending the performance

Opera box office


Right of exchange and means of payment

Purchased tickets will not be exchanged or reimbursed. If there are any changes in the repertoire or a performance is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (force majeure), you will receive a refund when you present your admission ticket within one month of the change or cancellation.
The Finnish National Opera does not however hold itself liable for any other expenses incurred. The delivery fee and possible postage charge will not be refunded.

The FNO box office accepts Finnish debit cards and the most common international credit cards. Finnish culture vouchers are also accepted.


Opera box office

Service desk
open Mon to Fri 12am to 7pm,
Sat 12am to 6 pm

On public Holidays 2hours before

Phone service
Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm,
Sat 12am to 6pm
(09) 4030 2211


23.12.-27.12.2015 and 1.1.2016
Opera box office is closed.

Helsinginkatu 58,
entrance from Töölönlahti side


Tel. (+358) 600 900 900 (normal international fee)
Domestic tel. 0600 900 900 (EUR 1,98 per minute + local fee)
every day 7am–10pm


Osta lippu -kuvake Lippupisteen sivulle

Sales service

Group bookings, season tickets, house tours and special tickets:

Sales service