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Sales service


Through the FNO sales service you can book group tickets, season and series tickets and discount tickets.

Through the sales service you can also book a guided house tour or discuss renting of facilities.

You can also inform Sales service about a change of address.

Group discounts:
Discount for groups of minimum 20 persons -5e/person and for groups of minimum 30 persons -10e/person, performances from Mon-Thu in price groups A to D. Group coordinators purchasing a minimum of 31 tickets pay only EUR 20,50 for their own ticket. The group coordinator ticket is granted in the lowest price
group of the booking.
Tour organizer discount 5 % off list prices in price groups A to D. Granted to designated tour organizers.

Discount for schoolchildren (under 16 years old) 50 % in price groups A to E.

Discount for students under 30 years 50 % in price groups A to E.

Discount for persons undergoing military or non-military civil service 50 % in price groups A to E.

Tickets for performances on the same day for students, persons undergoing military or non-military civil service, under 25 years old and unemployed EUR 12,50 in price groups C to E, if there are free seats (no advance reservations). Do not apply to cancellations. Tickets are only sold personally, on presentation of a valid certificate entitling to a discount.

Discount for pensioners EUR 5 per person in price groups A to C.

Discounts are granted for normal price tickets and separately for each production. Discounts do not apply to premieres or guest performances. Cancellation tickets for the shows on the same day are sold for normal prices.


House tours

Sign up by phone or e-mail:

House tours

Programme booklets

You can order a programme booklet for any production by mail.

Programme booklets

Renting of facilities

The opera house is ideal for meetings, seminars, banquets and other functions.

Renting of facilities


Main auditorium

Contact information

Tel. +358 (0)9 4030 2210
Mon to Fri 9 am to 4 pm


Opera box office

Service desk
open Mon to Fri 12am to 7pm, 
Sat 12am to 6 pm 

On public Holidays 2hours before

Phone service:
Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm,
Sat 12am to 6pm
Tel. +358 (0)9 4030 2211