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Deca Dance Helsinki
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Deca Dance Helsinki

Ohad Naharin

World-famous choreographer Ohad Naharin returns to Finland with a new production: Deca Dance Helsinki. Naharin describes his new work as a mix of the here-and-now and past work drawing on passion, prowess and the power of imagination.

Collaboration between Naharin and the Finnish National Ballet has continued for 18 years, generating several great successes, including the audience favourite Minus 7. Naharin says he always enjoys working with the capable dancers of the National Ballet. "It is not my task to teach them to dance," he says. "It is my privilege to provide them with the keys to unlock their internal treasures." 

Remaining tickets for the season ticket performances (1 Nov, 5 Nov, 7 Nov, 12 Nov, 14 Nov, 20 Nov) available from 1 Aug 2013.

Duration 1 h 10 min
  • Choreography Ohad Naharin
  • Music kooste / collage
  • Costumes Rakefet Levy
  • Lighting design Bambi

Show time: Wed 20 Nov 2013 19:00


Deca Dance Helsinki

Deca Dance Helsinki

Deca Dance Helsinki