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1 Mar 2013

Kenneth Greve to continue as Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet until 2018

The Board of the Finnish National Opera Foundation decided in a meeting held 21 February 2013 that the contract of Finnish National Ballet Artistic Director Kenneth Greve shall be extended until the end of July 2018.

Kenneth Greve began his term as Artistic Director of the Finnish National Ballet on 1 August 2008 and his existing contract was to expire in July 2014.

The Artistic Director of the National Ballet is responsible for the management and development of the ballet and the Finnish National Opera Ballet School. The Artistic Director of Ballet reports to General Director Päivi Kärkkäinen.

Commenting on the decision, the Board stated that during Greve's term as Artistic Director, the artistic standard of the Finnish National Ballet has been enhanced and public interest in ballet has stayed high. Greve has also demonstrated an active and passionate interest in the continued development of the Finnish National Ballet and the Finnish National Opera Ballet School. Aided by his broad network of national and international contacts and his excellent relationships with stakeholder groups, Greve has greatly contributed to a close collaboration with a wide range of parties, private companies, organisations, funds, etc.

Kenneth Greve has previously worked as a dancer for, among others, the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Stuttgart Ballet and the Vienna State Opera Ballet, performing as an étoile with the Paris Opera Ballet and principal dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet. He also worked as the Royal Danish Ballet's ballet master in 2006-2008. Greve's most significant work as a choreographer includes his rendition of The Nutcracker for the Royal Danish Ballet in 2007, Swan Lake for the Prague National Ballet and the Finnish National Ballet in 2009, and his most recent works for the Finnish National Ballet, Scheherazade in 2010 and The Snow Queen in 2012. Greve's Snow Queen proved to be very popular, with 14 sold-out original performances plus an additional six performances that were also sold out within a few hours. During its premiere season, the ballet played to a total of some 26,000 viewers.