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Il viaggio a Reims

Captivating experiences

The Finnish National Opera is an opera and ballet company of high international standard. It is a truly national institution, as it includes the only professional opera company in Finland, the only professional ballet company, the only professional choir and the largest orchestra.

The repertoire of the Finnish National Opera is varied and rich, containing true to its mission both timeless classics and new works from home and abroad.

Welcome to a world of wonderful experiences!

Ballet schoolFinnish National Opera Ballet School 

The Finnish National Opera Ballet School provides basic education in classical ballet and secondary education leading to a Vocational Qualification in Dance.

Finnish National Opera Ballet School

Finnish National Opera in a nutshell

There are some 300 performances each year in the Finnish National Opera. The repertoire in any given season includes on average 15 operas and 9 ballets. The Opera also organizes recitals, matinee concerts with free admission, events for kids and teens, and audience briefings where opera and ballet production teams discuss their work.

Finnish National Opera today