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Finnish National Opera

Ballet School

The Finnish National Opera Ballet School provides basic education in classical ballet and secondary education leading to a Vocational Qualification in Dance. The school is maintained by the Foundation of the FNO.

More than 180 children and adolescents attend the Ballet School, 30 of them vocational students and about 150 of them pupils in basic education.

Basic education consists of three levels: pre ballet (age 7-8), basic level (age 9-12) and middle level (age 13-15). Vocational level is for students aged 15 years and older.

Special courses are also arranged nationwide. A fee is charged for basic education at all levels.

The Ballet School has given me a lot as a student, as a dancer and as a person. We learn many things about working life at an early stage, and there are a lot of international influences too in addition to the basic education."
- Jenna Jalonen, vocational student


Contact us

Principal Hannele Niiranen
(+358 9) 4030 2415

Educational and Pedagogical Coordinator Wilfried Jacobs
(+358 9) 4030 2416

Producer Pasi Leppänen
(+358 9) 4030 2418

Secretary Outi Eerikäinen
(+358 9) 4030 2417  

Ballet School Office
Kaikukatu 4 A
00530 Helsinki

Tel. (+358 9) 4030 2417